Thanks to the contributions of our members, PA TruckPAC continues to grow. A strong PAC is necessary to keep our industry safe, efficient and economical. The PAC allows PMTA to have a greater impact in the political process than one could have by acting alone. PAC evaluates statewide candidates and determines where and when contributions are made to legislators who are sympathetic with our industry's concerns.

Through our lobbying efforts, PMTA maintains a well-respected reputation on Capitol Hill where we serve as the official representative of Pennsylvania's trucking industry. Legislators face thousands of bills every year, and we ensure they understand how those laws affect our industry.

PA TruckPAC allows PMTA the access necessary to promote, defeat, or alter laws that impact your business, while building government contacts that permit us to protect and defend the industry. We are able to fight the challenges and create solid working relationships with various state representatives because of our PA TruckPAC fund.

Your annual commitment to your PAC is essential to the future of your business and industry.  PMTA also organizes several TruckPAC events throughout the year, so check the website often for details!

To make a contribution to PA TruckPAC, you may do so through the link below, or you may call 717-761-7122. 

All contributions must be personal or partnership checks. Checks should be made payable to PA TruckPAC and sent to 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Please become a PAC supporter!

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