PA Truck PAC

Donation Guidelines

Donations to the PA Truck PAC allow PMTA the access necessary to promote, defeat, and alter laws, and to build government contacts that permit us to protect and defend the trucking industry. 

Your support is appreciated!

PA Truck PAC donations are accepted from the following

    • Individuals
    • Businesses structured as:
      • a sole proprietorship
      • a partnership
      • an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
        • No partner/limited partner is a corporation
      • an LLC (Limited Liability Company)
        • Sole proprietorships and partnerships only
    • Political Action Committees

Donation Restrictions

A corporation (both a C Corporation and an S Corporation) or unincorporated association (including a labor union) cannot make contributions to a political action committee. No contribution from a partnership, LLP, or LLC may be made from funds of any partner, limited partner, or member that is a corporation. An LLC that contributes shall affirm to the recipient political action committee that the LLC is treated as a partnership for federal tax purposes and that the contribution from the LLC does not contain corporate funds. An IRS Form W-9 is requested.

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