PMTA’s Committees are Seeking Volunteers

October 29, 2021 1:49 PM | Brandon Moree (Administrator)

The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association is moving to refocus efforts to promote and grow the association into the future. One important way to do this is to encourage member involvement in leadership positions in the association. PMTA is actively seeking volunteers for many of its committees to help guide the path forward, especially as PMTA’s strategic plan moves ahead next year. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help PMTA succeed by volunteering for committee membership.

By way of background on the association, PMTA has a full-time staff of six individuals. They are a Director of Safety, a Director of Member Communications, a Director of Finance, a Titling and Registration Agent, and an Administrative Assistant/Event Planner, all of which are led by the President and CEO.

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors. According to the PMTA bylaws, the Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman, all current officers, the immediate Past Chairman, Pennsylvania’s elected Vice President to the American Trucking Associations Inc., six members elected by the membership and up to six members appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board manages the business and affairs of the association, according to the requirements of the law, the Charter, and the bylaws.

The Board of Directors establishes committees by adopting a resolution. Each committee consists of one or more Board members as well as other volunteers who are PMTA members.  Each committee serves at the pleasure of the Board and has powers and authorities that are granted and directed by the Board. 

There are eight committees designated by the Board in addition to the Safety Management Council, which has committees of its own. Membership on six of the eight committee is open to PMTA members who are not state board members.

Those committees are: AMC Planning, Chapter Relations, Legislative, NextGEN, Nominating, Trade Members, Budget and PAC. A brief description of each is listed below.

The AMC Planning Committee works closely with the staff to plan and execute the Annual Membership Conference (AMC) and Expo. This process includes choosing a location and session topics and selecting speakers for the AMC as well as outlining a budget for the event.

The Chapter Relations Committee consists of all the Chapter officers. The Chapter Presidents are required to either attend or send a representative to each of the four annual meetings of this committee. The committee works closely with the Director of Member Communications to help facilitate member engagement at the chapter level.

The Legislative Committee also meets four times per year prior to the Board of Directors’ meetings, and it works with the President and CEO as well as PMTA’s hired lobbyists to track and discuss legislation and regulations that affect the transportation industry.

The NextGEN Committee is designed to engage individuals that are either new to the transportation industry or in a position to take leadership roles in the future both with their company and PMTA.

The Nominating Committee selects potential new members of the Board of Directors. * Bylaws require this committee have at least 5 and not more than 11 members. Also, “in the selection of the Nominating Committee consideration shall be given to representatives of the various sections of the state, the Chapters, and classifications of the trucking industry.  No member of the nominating committee or the chairman of such committee shall be eligible for nomination on the ballot for which they are a member of that year’s committee.” The Chairman of the Board appoints Nominating Committee members.

The Trade Member Committee was newly commissioned at the September 2021 Board of Directors’ Meeting, and it is designed to allow Trade Members of the association to find ways to best utilize their membership and promote PMTA.

The Budget Committee works with the President and CEO and Director of Finance to define the association’s operating budget from year to year. The annual budget for the upcoming year is approved annually at the November Board meeting. Budget Committee membership is limited to members of the Board.

The Political Action Committee manages the PA Truck PAC, which evaluates statewide political candidates and determines where and when contributions are made to legislators who are sympathetic with our industry's concerns. PAC membership is limited to members of the Board.

The Board of Directors and President and CEO would like to encourage all interested PMTA members to engage with the association by either joining one of these committees or your local chapter’s Board of Directors.

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