PMTA now accepting Road Team Applications

January 21, 2022 7:41 AM | Brandon Moree (Administrator)

The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association is now accepting applications for drivers to join the PA Road Team.

The applications, which can be downloaded here, must be mailed to the office in Camp Hill.

Please see below for the requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for consideration to PMTA Road team

  1. Candidates must be currently employed as a full-time truck driver, either as a company driver or independent owner-operator.
  2. Candidates must have an outstanding safety record. A minimum three years accident, citation, and violation free is recommended
  3. Candidates, if selected, must be willing to support PMTA events, (No Zone Demonstrations, Youth Driving Championships, PA State Police Familiarization, PMTA Safety Conference, etc.) spending from one to five days per event.
  4. Candidates must be able to clearly and convincingly communicate their commitment to safety and professionalism.
  5. The nominating company must be a full and current dues paying member of the PMTA.
  6. The nominator must either be a motor carrier executive with the authority to commit his or her company’s support of the program, or a self-sponsored owner-operator. The nominator must confirm before returning the application that the candidate is willing to participate in the program
  7. PMTA will pay all travel expenses associated with PMTA arranged Road Team appearances. The nominating company must be willing to continue to pay full salary and provide benefits to the driver. This would include time spent traveling for and representing the PMTA. In the case of an owner-operator, the company must be willing to pay the driver’s overhead costs, plus an additional sum equivalent to their profit per day for each day traveling for PMTA.
  8. An independent owner-operator who is a dues paying member of PMTA may act as both a nominating company and candidate. PMTA will pay all travel costs but will not be responsible for compensating a self-sponsored owner-operator for lost profits while traveling for the PMTA Road team.
  9. After the individual is nominated, it is the nominator’s responsibility to immediately notify PMTA if the candidate becomes ineligible at any time during the selection process
  10. A candidate and nominator/company must be prepared, if selected as a finalist, to provide a copy of the paperwork to PMTA prior to traveling to PMTA headquarters in Camp Hill, PA for the selection process. This paperwork, which will be shipped to all finalists, is mandatory for consideration to become a Pennsylvania Motor Truck Road Team Captain
  11. The official length of term for PMTA Road Team Captain shall be for two years. However, Road Team Captains will always be considered a Road Team captain, if he/she remains in good standing. Road Team Captains may be asked to mentor new Road Team Captains and/or support PMTA events when needed.

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